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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Coming To You As A Woman

We've all been there, done that, and for the most part dont want to go back.
We've all had someone come to us as a woman, or for the most part was the individual that was " coming as a woman"

Okay, lets just say, women are the most pettiest mother____ers on this planet !
Like they shade you before addressing you, and when they address you, its a whole different story.
Its no secret that some men cheat and lie. You can be in a fully commited relationship with a male, and shit, he'd still tell a next woman he's "single". Sadly, most of the time they dont even say they're "single" but their actions give the impression that they are.

SOOOO you really going to be out here entertaining other females? You really out  here sleeping around? You really out here having your woman look stupid? Ok cool!

Even if he haven't actually had sex with another female. Miss " Im Coming To You As A Woman" is still, going to come to you as a woman, because;
Nothing excites some women more than another woman's man wanting her.

LOL; even if it was just a boring "hey" in the dm, that "hey" would be translated into

" Girl, her man cant leave me alone"
" Thats OUR man"
" lol, girl he dont even want her"

Females take any opportunity they have to shade another female, because lets face it b--ches want your happiness. PERIOD!


But the crazy part about this is, when she comes to you as a woman, she THINKS shes the MAIN!
She acts like she didnt know about you.
Lol, yeah, okay, cool...i feel you girl!
After she comes to you as a woman, she wants to become problematic

why would you want to fight over a dude you both sharing at the end of the day? A dude  that probably dont even want a future with you. If its to the point where it looks like he's actually in another relationship with this female, clearly he respects none of you.

Today women compete for the attention of men,when some men cant be satisfied by one female. So you wanting to fight over a man you're sharing is crazy! IM TALKING BEYOND! Yes, you might've gave him your all, but clearly he doesn't appreciate that.

You two wanting to fight over him?
Meanwhile he could possibly be out there entertaining some other female, that you both know nothing about.

 Sweety he's for everybody!

If i was placed in a situation like this, which i was once ( lol a while back)
Okay, who am i kidding, back then WE WAS FIGHTING! No doubt, but you still look stupid in the end. But now,  if you feel as if thats your man, KEEP HIM B ! Because what i wont allow is another female thinking she has the upper hand on me.Never catch me in a damn fight over a "nigga"that got me out here looking stupid. So dont come to me as a woman, just keep the creep.

Disrespect is no laughing matter

What you dont want is for a next female to feel like she has "One Up" on you. Okay by that i meant, as if she took something away from you, that you value so much that you forget your worth. Who wont be mad knowing their man is out and about with another woman that thinks shes "wifey"?

But lets face it, in some situations today YOUR man, is Her man, and also EVERYONE else's man. No matter what you do for him, or with him, if he wants to cheat he will. Some men cant resist temptation, and most of the time when they confront you as a "woman", you're man only saw them as a hit and run.

Women are so spiteful a man can sleep with her, she would know  he has a girl, but because it doesn't work out the way she wanted it to work out, she would try to hit him where it hurts, by coming to HIS  partner AS A WOMAN!

This kinda shit amazes me!
With that being said hoes will be hoes

But its all a big joke until someone honestly COMES TO YOU AS A WOMAN! 

- Side note: if you're the side chick, you cant expect him to leave his woman, for someone(you) that was comfortable with being the side from the beginning, because how you get them is how you lose them ( blog post coming soon)

Always remember to Rate yourself enough to understand your value


Sunday, 13 August 2017


LOL. So check this out!

Anyone ever noticed that you and this person can have THE BEST conversations daily. You may connect well....but the minute you decide to go into a relationship with them, everything fails?

...Like is it a sign from God? Was everything a lie in the beginning? Like what is it? Wtf is this?

I think once someone gets a "title" they get off track.
Like is there a manual to this thing? What exactly is it? We were perfect before, how are we failing?

I think the problem is, people get too comfortable once they get you. They have you, so the effort of trying to impress you is NO LONGER there. OK, this doesn't apply to every situations, but just a few, or maybe majority lol.

Why work so hard for someone, and when you finally get them, you stop doing everything you did to get them? Like do you stop wanting them after you get them? Did you NOW notice that, this isnt what you want? This is the kind of situation that would push someone away.

Look fellas!
Women have no time for mixed signals
No room for excuses
No time for fronting
Get to the point, state your purpose, follow through with making us happy and vice versa

I mean i get it, we sometimes end up in forced situations, or mess up by getting into these "situationships" and we may misinterpret it all, thinking its one thing when it clearly may not be what we simply think it is. BUT...shit! Correct us if we're wrong. Stop misleading us. Dont tell us what we want to hear. Tell us what we need to hear. If a relationship is not what you want state it from the beginning, this goes for both genders. We get what we allow, sad but true. Truth is whats meant to be shouldnt be forced, nonetheless if no interest is being showed they're not interested. PERIOD.

Okay, lets admit it, its no secret that  if we really want something, we'd do just about anything in the world to get it. Its also no secret that, men play this psychological game well. Ugh ! I'll get to the point without sugarcoating it. If a man JUST wants sex from you, he will say and do just about anything, to get what he wants, and after.....well we know the rest.
Women however, can misinterpret this differently.
In the minds of many females " Okay, we had sex, now what are we?"


The answer to it is, NOTHING, you're nothing! It was just sex. Yes it sounds harsh, but its reality, accept the fact that some men want nothing but sex from you. YES ! And those are the men that women try to force relationships with. IT WONT WORK!

Okay ladies...
Lets stop trying to use our vagina to manipulate men. YES ! The power of the Vagina. But face it, if he doesn't want to settle with you, he just wont. Suck it up, take that L, act like it didnt happen and move on. We hurt ourselves chasing whats bad for us. You deserve better. We are more than just bootycalls. Lets try this, when he calls, dont answer. STOP  Letting that aint shit nigga, control your emotions! Ladies we know when a situation isn't going anywhere.  Okay, check this out! Yall have been having sex for months, he only calls and ask "wyd" to see if you're  available for him to get a nut? Right? Okay lets proceed. You haven't been on an actual date with him because, you only go where he can bang, right? Okay, okay, check this last one out! He doesnt answer you on time, and when you ask where he's at, he brushes you off and continuously becomes unavailable to you. Damn ! You must always be available to him, but he ain't available for you all the time. RED FLAG!


Value yourselves ladies
Know your worth
And always remember to Rate yourself enough to understand your values


Saturday, 12 August 2017


I remember falling in love
I remember not giving a fuck
I do remember thugging it out, after praying to God asking "whats this about?"
Moved forward, remained focused and finished school, with a side hustle stacked some money and played it cool. 

Broked him off before i broke down, Cause these fellas only get around. They want the hype and the fast life, Try to spite you with a one night, LOL,
Turn around and tell you, you "overreacting" right?

They scroll on IG like the pictures that make them drool 
Reminisce on hitting it, get you pregnant and then act a fool.
With a wise mother she told me that shit aint right
Reflect on my father? fuck my daddy he aint been in my life.
19 and still no spite, i just call you out cause that shit aint right

I remember losing friends, 
Fuck, them bitches aint even dead
Then i lost granddad
Worst pain i ever had 
But its levels to this shit right?
You take L's and bounce back right? 
Gaining and maintaining thats how you get through life,right?

I remember saying fuck it all
Especially after losing grand dad It was definitely fuck it all
Aint no way he had to leave us all, Just one phone call and he had us all, 
Never had to struggle in life thats why I Thank God everynight, although i questioned if he was real sometimes

All this shit just opened my eyes
The same eyes that always cried, remains dry
Trust issues got me thinking every thing thats heard is a lie
But i miss, love sometimes
Might seem tough, but im soft inside
I weigh my options, because i dont like people wasting my 
An intellect, even though i may talk a lil slang
Humble, respectful, plus im fine
It only takes one nigga to make it right